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Analyzing Bitcoin in R - Part 1 - Retrieving data

Pub: 04.12.17

| By Anonymous

In Finance.

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Retrieving Bitcoin transaction data

Bitcoin data is available through proprietary systems like Bloomberg (VCCY) and Reuters Eikon (BTC=BTSP). However, finding Bitcoin data online is very easy.

The source I will use for this post is (

To get the data, you can download it through a browser and unzip with with 7-Zip.

Or you can download gzip for windows and wget for windows to do it on the command line.

You could even script the download directly in to R if you wished to do so.

gzip -d bitstampUSD.csv.gz

After that you have file called .bitstampUSD.csv which is over 600MB in size. It contains transactions on the Bitstamp exchange since 2011.

Next, open up R and read the file into memory for further processing: Part 2 - Reading the bitcoin data in to R

You can also jump to each section directly from here: